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Hi, I am Chef Danish Gill at your service.

As being a chef I need to share all the important and interesting information which is most essential part of life is the food we take, I need to share information about the nutritional value of the ingredients that I use in my recipes and you can also add it in your life and can build a quality of life. Every one should try to gain the health benefits of each and every food ingredients. By understanding and having proper information you can easily choose most nutritious food in your diet as per your body requirements. So there you go! This website is what you looking for and it will provide you with the best knowledge of nutritional value of almost every food ingredient and it provides you with best health benefits of fruits, vegetables , Meat , herbs , dry fruits , cereals and other diary products etc


welcome to fruits and veggies

Welcome to Fruits and Veggies, where many Interesting information about healthcare and Secret Reasons to Eat More Natural Foods with truly most Amazing Health Beneficial Hidden Secrets.